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Questions to ask an agent on a property viewing.

Questions to ask an agent on a property viewing.

Questions to ask an agent on a property viewing.

1. “What bills will I be responsible for?”

In the majority of cases, you’ll be required to pay all household-related u bills utilities associated with a rental property, like water, electricity, gas and internet service.

Government rent, rate and building management fee which are typically covered by the owner of the property, won’t fall to you.

2. “Can I redecorate or have pets?”

When it comes to pets and redecorating, it all comes down to the landlord’s own policy. 

But be clear with any requests from the start or you could face losing your deposit at the end of the contract. 

3. “What does furnished actually mean?”

If the property is being rented either furnished or partially-furnished, find out exactly what’s being left. 

If you want to move in furniture of your own, check with the agent or landlord to see if they will allow you to replace it. 

4. “How long is the walk to…?”

If you’re planning to walk somewhere on a daily basis, such as to a MTR station or to a bus stop, find out how long it takes. The best idea is to test the walk out yourself to be sure the location will work for you.



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